Amano Enzyme Visits BIO-CAT

Mr. Motoyuki Amano, the president of Amano Enzyme, Ltd. recently visited BIO-CAT in Virginia along with Mr. Atsuya Hirano and Mr. Ken Nishimatsu for strategic planning meetings.  Ed Schuler and his son Chris, the founders of BIO-CAT, have been collaborating for over 30 years with two generations of the Amano family.

BIO-CAT is an exclusive distributor of Amano Enzyme and they frequently visit each others headquarters on a regular basis. During the visit, Mr. Amano and colleagues toured the facility to view the recent expansions and upgrades and they were impressed with our continued growth. Mr. Amano reiterated their commitment to research, development and innovation in manufacturing the industry’s most effective enzymes.

L to R: Mark Walin, Mr. Atsuya Hirano, Mr. Ken Nishimatsu, Ed Schuler, Mr. Motoyuki Amano, Chris Schuler, Bill Stokes and Chris Penet