6th Annual Brian M. Huffman Scholarship Winner Announced

The Brian M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 by BIO-CAT.  Brian was a dedicated and instrumental employee from BIO-CAT’s  founding in 1988 and embodied the spirit that anything was possible with hard work and perseverance.  He also believed in “giving back” whenever one was able to.  This $5,000 scholarship was created with that in mind;  to give back to the students, give back to the community, ultimately giving back to build a better future, and to always do so in Brian’s memory.

As in prior years,  BIO-CAT interviewed an incredibly talented group of students as candidates for the scholarship.   There was one individual who distinguished their candidacy by displaying the kind of confidence, persona, and passion for his future that excited us all.  The 2019 Brian Huffman Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Charles Joseph Rosson.

Charles Rosson is a sixth generation farmer in Louisa County. He will attend Oklahoma State University in the fall and plans to pursue his masters in animal science or animal nutrition. His passion for animals and farming is undeniable. Charles’ desire is to return to Louisa County after completing his education to continue advancing his family’s farming legacy. Although we interviewed him to learn who he was and what his future goals were, we walked away with so much more. We learned about genetic selection and breeding decisions for Angus cattle, feeding and vaccinating these animals, showing and selling livestock at the 4H fair and got a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.

Most of his down time is spent on the farm helping to cut and bail hay, raise chickens, sell fresh eggs, and work their cattle sales. Even with his busy home life he maintained enrollment in AP classes and ranks in the top third of the LCHS graduating class of 2019.

Brian was an active volunteer in the community and a close friend of the Rosson family.  As a result, Charles actually has many fond childhood memories of being in Brian’s company and  was one of the fortunate young people who were mentored by Brian to be the best he could be.  Charles’ enthusiasm for the future is contagious and his willingness to help is admirable…and reminiscent of the man whose name this scholarship honors.

Pictured above: Charles Rosson