Amano and Schuler Multi-Generations

For over 40 years, and now three generations, the Amano family and the Schuler family have cultivated a special relationship. Amano’s founder, Genichi Amano, created an “Amano Spirit” statement that still stands today. One of the key principles of the Amano Spirit is “Jizen” which means the spirit of giving and caring. In fact, in 1928, Amano Enzyme was first named “Amano Jizen-do.” Genichi Amano’s passion was to give back to society through their products and services. This was not a typical corporate value in the United States, but it made a profound impact on BIO-CAT’s founder, Ed Schuler. In fact, when he first established BIO-CAT, he introduced elements of this important tenant into the company’s mission and value statements. Now under Chris Schuler’s leadership, BIO-CAT continues to share in this spirit and is appreciative of the long professional and personal relationship that has existed between the two companies.

Earlier this summer, Chris Schuler, the president and 2nd generation owner of BIO-CAT, visited Amano headquarters in Japan to meet with Motoyuki Amano, the 4th generation president of Amano, and his son, Motonari Amano, the 5th generation of the family. During this visit, Chris had the opportunity to attend a Sumo wrestling match with Hirotsugu Watanabe, BIO-CAT’s technical sales representative in Asia. Not surprisingly, Chris returned as a new fan of Japanese Sumo wrestling! The Amano team reciprocated with a trip to BIO-CAT’s headquarters in Virginia, where they were introduced to Stephen, the 3rd generation of the Schuler family to join BIO-CAT.

Both companies agree that honesty, trust and investing in relationships matter. Rallying around a purpose sets a high standard, and what nobler purpose exists than “giving and caring” for others as Amano and BIO-CAT have embraced in their company’s “spirit.”