BIO-CAT Animal Nutrition

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Animal Nutrition

Production Animals:

The production of quality meat, milk and eggs begins with healthy animals.  Our broad range of natural enzyme supplements and direct fed microbial concentrates are specifically formulated to aid in the overall health of your dairy and beef cattle, pigs and poultry.

Modern animal feeds are predominately composed of plant material, mainly cereals and vegetable proteins.  Much of this cannot be fully digested and utilized, especially by monogastric animals.  Enzymes increase the digestibility of these modern animal feeds, which improve feed to gain ratios for ruminants and monogastric animals alike.

The balance of beneficial and potentially harmful bacterial is an important aspect in the overall health of an animal. If the number of potentially harmful bacteria is greater than the number of beneficial bacteria, this could compromise the animal’s health and growth potential.  Adding direct fed microbials can help maintain this balance, which may help enhance animal health and growth.  Good digestion is critical in maintaining healthy herds and flocks.

Companion Animals:

Our enzymes benefit dogs and cats by improving the digestibility of modern pet foods.  Dogs and cats evolved on a raw food diet containing enzymes, which facilitated the process of digestion.  Modern pet foods are highly processed and cooked which destroys any enzymes that may have been present.

These pet foods also contain a larger amount of carbohydrate plant products.  Dogs’ and cats’ digestive tracts are not designed to digest starchy foods effectively.  Enzymes can provide more energy due to better utilization of nutrients which promotes healthy weight gain, improves skin and coat condition, and increases and maintains vitality for pets of all ages.

Just like with humans, probiotics can also be beneficial to cats and dogs.  Probiotics promote the health of the digestive tract by contributing “friendly” bacteria which support overall intestinal well-being and health.  They enhance the digestion of highly processed modern pet foods leading to general gastrointestinal maintenance and health.


Swinezyme PLB solves both the lack of lipase and lack of bile salts issues and allows the introduction of adequate lipids into the early weaned piglet diet.

BIO-CAT AGFTM has the ability to break down non-digestible carbohydrates typically found in soy-based diets in a cost effective solution.

Calfzyme PlusTM is formulated to aid the calf in digestion of ingredients found in milk replacers.

Poultryase PlusTM is an enzyme and probiotic blend designed to increase feed efficiency in poultry.

EquigestTM is an enzyme supplement formulated to assist digestion in horses.

Scientific Poster: Enzymes for Animal Nutrition (Download Here)

 Animal feed for production and companion animals is mostly composed of plant material, cereals and vegetable proteins, which cannot be fully digested and utilized by animals.   However, feed utilization and digestion can be increased by the addition of enzymes.  This poster presentation displays work done In Vitro in the BIO-CAT Applications Laboratory showing the effect of adding enzymes to the feed and explains the benefits, as well as presents some of BIO-CAT’s unique formulations for improved animal nutrition.

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