BIO-CAT Featured in Engredea “Enzymes and Whole-Body Health” Mini-Guide

BIO-CAT shares its perspective on the enzyme industry and vision of the future in New Hope media/Engredea’s “Enzymes and Whole-Body Health” mini guide. The guide focused on the benefits of supplemental enzymes for digestive support and overall better health.

Consumer sales of enzyme products hit $304 million in 2017, a 6.3 percent increase over 2016, according to Nutrition Business Journal data. “Interest in these supplements has accelerated due in large part to more consumers seeking alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical approaches for maintaining good health. Many of these treatments are very expensive and have serious side effects – Enzymes can provide a high-efficacy alternative to traditional pharmaceutical and biological therapies.” Says Mark Walin, VP of Sales and Marketing at BIO-CAT.

The article also featured a section on BIO-CAT’s formulation expertise – “For brand holders looking to enter the enzyme space or reformulate existing lines to include enzymes, working with a partner that’s skilled at formulating with and blending enzymes is paramount to market success. BIO-CAT has more than 30 years of experience in providing the latest enzyme technology and custom formulation. The company is the #1 supplier of enzymes to the dietary supplement industry, offering an extensive range of single enzymes, multi-enzyme blends and more than 4,000 custom formulations.”

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