BIO-CAT Hosts Amano Enzyme

BIO-CAT and Amano Enzyme Team

(L-R): Mark Walin, Chris Schuler, Ed Schuler, Mr. Motoyuki Amano, Mr. Motonari Amano, Mr. Atsuya Hirano, Mr. Ken Nishimatsu

BIO-CAT hosted Amano Enzyme this past week for ongoing strategic planning meetings. On this particular visit, Mr. Motoyuki Amano, the president of Amano Enzyme, Ltd. brought his son, Mr. Motonari Amano, who recently joined the company. Since this was Mr. Motonari Amano’s first visit to BIO-CAT, he received an in-depth tour of the facility and operations.


Mr. Amano and Ed Schuler

Mr. Amano and Ed Schuler

One evening Ed Schuler and his son Chris entertained their guests at Chris’s home in Charlottesville, Virginia. Following dinner, Mr. Amano presented Ed Schuler with this one-of-a-kind artwork, handcrafted by renowned Japanese artist Issei Yamauchi, in celebration of Ed’s upcoming 88th birthday.
On the back of the artwork, Mr. Amano included a letter to his friend Ed:




In Japanese culture the 88th birthday, or Beiju is a celebration of longevity, often referred to as the “Rice Birthday”. The Kanji characters for 88 resemble the character for rice, “Bei”. Rice is important in Japanese society, because it sustains life and represents purity and wholesomeness. “Ju” means blessing to one’s longevity. In the spirit of Beiju, I wish to send my best wishes in celebration of your upcoming milestone birthday.

With Warmest Wishes,

Motoyuki Amano



Mr. Amano and Ed Schuler
Mr. Amano and Ed Schuler
The Schulers and the Amanos

The following day, the Schuler’s and the Amano’s had a fun day playing golf together.

Ed and Motonari
Chris and Motonari
Chris Schuler, Ed Schuler, Motoyuki Amano and Motonari Amano
Motonari and Chris