Happy Anniversary Mr. Schuler!

Ed Schuler during Brewmaster Days

On March 31st 2019, Ed Schuler, BIO-CAT’s CEO and co-founder celebrated his 50th Anniverary since becoming a member of the Master Brewers Association of America on March 31st 1969. After a successful career as the former Head Brew Master of the Schaefer Brewing Company, Ed co-founded BIO-CAT in 1988. During Ed’s time at Schaefer Brewing, it became one of the top selling brands in the U.S., reaching the #5 brand position twice.

As a microbiologist, Ed Schuler was a pioneer in understanding the balance of art and science, and the power of applying enzymes to improve the final product in the brewing and distilling industries. As a result of Ed’s continuing passion and expertise in this field, BIO-CAT has created a unique portfolio of hydrolytic enzymes to exploit this power.

Whether you are brewing beer or distilling spirits, the addition of enzymes can make a big difference. Enzymes, which are naturally present in grain, are critical for freeing the extract and promoting fermentation. However, the addition of specially selected enzymes can provide flexibility when faced with grain issues such as preharvest sprout or seasonal variation in growing conditions affecting protein and carbohydrate levels. When properly utilized, considering time and temperature, enzymes generally improve overall alcohol yield while enabling the manipulation of taste and other qualities in the final product.