Holiday Shipping Schedule

BIO-CAT will close on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24, 2017 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will also close on Monday, December 25, 2017 – Monday, January 1, 2018 and reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. All dietary supplement orders must be received by December 11 in order to be processed, released and shipped […]

Chris at Amano Enzyme
(L-R): Mark Walin, Chris Schuler, Ed Schuler, Mr. Motoyuki Amano, Mr. Motonari Amano, Mr. Atsuya Hirano, Mr. Ken Nishimatsu
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Expanding Probiotic Possibilities with OPTI-BIOME®

  This year at SupplySide West 2017, BIO-CAT Microbials Chris Penet and Marc Jensen will present at the Probiotics Resource Center organized by the International Probiotics Association (IPA). We will discuss the following on Wednesday, September 27 at 4:20 pm: Naturally stable probiotic strains are the answer for companies hoping to capture a share of […]

Stephen Schuler, Technical Sales Representative profile view

BIO-CAT Expands Sales Department

BIO-CAT is pleased to announce the hiring of Stephen Schuler as its newest member to the sales team. Stephen worked over a four-year period in various departments at BIO-CAT including Production, Quality Control, R&D, and Sales. He graduated from Towson University in 2014 with dual bachelors of health science degrees and a psychology minor. After […]

BIO-CAT Hires Regulatory Associate

BIO-CAT is pleased to announce the hiring of Debbie Jackson as Regulatory Affairs Associate.  Debbie comes to BIO-CAT after working in the regulatory department for over six years at Perrigo and PBM, Inc.  Debbie studied Business Management at the University of Maryland. Debbie’s role will support the ongoing and ever expanding regulatory needs for BIO-CAT’s […]

BIO-CAT Executive Assumes Role of Industry Committee

At the recent Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) annual meeting in Las Vegas, Christopher Penet, vice president of BIO-CAT, assumed the role of Committee Chair for the IFT Biotechnology Division. Chris spent the previous year as Chair-Elect. His new position as committee chair is to develop and implement activities in support of the IFT overall […]

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Ed & Chris Schuler standing with Mr. Amano
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BIO-CAT Names Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Mark G. Walin, a former Abbott and Perrigo executive, has joined BIO-CAT, a premier biotech growth company corporately based out of central Virginia. Walin is joining BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials as the vice president of sales and marketing for both companies. Over his 30-year career, Mark has held a series of sales and marketing leadership roles across […]

“Expanding Applications for Pre- & Probiotics” article from NIE features BIO-CAT Microbials

Data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) shows that approximately four million U.S. adults had used probiotics in the past 30 days. “Among adults, probiotics or prebiotics were the third most commonly used dietary supplement other than vitamins and minerals, and the use of probiotics quadrupled between 2007 and 2012,” the National Institute […]

BIO-CATs Third Annual Scholarship Winner

BIO-CAT is pleased to announce Daquan Hembry as this year’s winner of the Brian M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship. BIO-CAT established the $5,000 scholarship to honor Brian, who was a co-founder of BIO-CAT, and also served as vice-chairman on the Louisa County School Board. Daquan graduated with a 3.64 GPA while holding down two part-time jobs […]

New Bacillus Subtilis Probiotic Survives Extreme Heat, ph

BIO-CAT Microbials (Shakopee, MN) has launched a new Bacillus subtilis probiotic ingredient that it claims is especially well-suited for the extreme pH and heat conditions involved with some food-manufacturing processes. Opti-Biome Bacillus subtilis MB40, the new spore-forming probiotic, is now available for dietary supplements as well as food products, with a self-affirmed determination as Generally […]

BIO-CAT Microbials Featured in “Ingredient Marketplace Exhibitors Showcase New Launches”

Ingredient Marketplace, April 27 through 29 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Florida, will feature the latest ingredient information and formulation strategies in the nutrition, health, food & beverage and beauty markets. The event’s theme, “Mind of the Consumer,” draws from innovative new research—prepared in conjunction with the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI)—to uncover the […]

Penet Elected to VABIO Board

Chris Penet, BIO-CAT’s vice president, was recently elected to the VABIO Board of Directors. The Virginia Biotechnology Association (VABIO), an affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), represents the life sciences industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Its members are involved in the research and development of healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.  Penet’s […]

Introducing Cellulase C500 Animal Feed Enzyme

Cellulase C500 is a complex enzyme mixture containing all three cellulolytic activities (endo- and exo-cellulases and β-glucosidase) and a variety of hemicellulases. Adding Cellulase C500 to animal feed potentially increases digestion by releasing more energy from grains and cellulosic fibers. Releasing greater amounts of energy from feed may result in improved feed conversion and faster […]

BIO-CAT Hires Erin Steva To Sales Team

Dec 2015- BIO-CAT is pleased to introduce Erin Steva as the latest addition to the sales team. Before joining BIO-CAT, Erin worked in the wine industry. She is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech where she majored in Food Science and Technology with a business concentration. Erin spent several months training in the quality control lab […]

Unravel the Breakdown of High Prolyl Proteins

Looking for a DPP-IV peptidase that assists in the breakdown of high prolyl proteins? ProX Quattro has one of the highest DPP-IV activities available in the marketplace. ProX Quattro enables the addition of higher levels of enzyme activity giving dietary supplement formulators greater formulation flexibility.  ProX Quattro is useful in the food industry for flavor, […]

Parker to Co-Chair Dietary Supplements Committee for ETA

Julia Parker, regulatory affairs associate at BIO-CAT, recently volunteered to co-chair the Dietary Supplement Committee for the Enzyme Technical Association (ETA). The ETA is an industry trade association comprised of enzyme companies from North America, including the United States, Canada and Mexico. Since 1970, the ETA has played a key role in assisting with the […]

BIO-CAT Announced Second Annual Scholarship Winner

BIO-CAT established the Brian M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship in 2014 to honor Brian as a co-founder of BIO-CAT and the vice-chairman of the Louisa County School Board. BIO-CAT is pleased to announce that this year’s $5,000 scholarship winner is Hunter Watkins. As a 5th generation farmer from Louisa, Virginia, Hunter’s passion for agriculture is shown […]

BIO-CAT to Attend 2015 BIO International Convention

BIO-CAT, the enzyme industry service leader, will attend the 2015 BIO International Convention, in Philadelphia, PA, June 15-18. BIO-CAT is one of 4,000 companies participating in BIO’s One-on-One Partnering™ program which netted over 29,000 meetings in just 3 days last year. This program helps companies identify potential business partners and schedules meetings in advance of […]

BIO-CAT to Present Enzyme Data to Reduce Triacylglycerides

BIO-CAT, the enzyme industry service leader, announced today that the Company’s abstract “Determination of Serum Triacylglyceride (TAG) Reduction Using Patented Microbial Lipase” was accepted for a scientific poster presentation at the National Lipid Association Conference to be held on June 11-14, 2015 in Chicago, IL. The National Lipid Association Conference is designed to bring the […]

BIO-CAT Discussed Enzymes at Local STEM Event

BIO-CAT participated in a local community event that involved several Title 1 elementary schools to raise interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Local businesses showed how STEM is used in their everyday businesses in hopes to “plant the seed” early and encourage students at a young age to pursue a STEM […]

Penet Invited to Virginia Ag Bio Strategy Meeting

Chris Penet, vice president of BIO-CAT, was recently invited by Virginia Bio organization to participate in the initial Virginia Ag Bio Strategy meeting sponsored by the Governor’s Office and the Virginia Secretary of Agriculture.  The group of public and private representatives discussed the strategy and planning of how to capitalize on Virginia’s Ag bio opportunities. […]

Brian Huffman Memorial Scholarship

Brian Huffman’s legacy lives on through a scholarship established in his memory.  BIO-CAT’s second annual “Brian M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship” will be presented to a Louisa County High School senior this May.   Brian had served as vice-chairman of the Louisa County School Board and had been re-elected to a fourth term as the Green Springs […]

BIO-CAT Appoints New Business Analyst

BIO-CAT, the enzyme industry service leader, announced today that Daniel Little has joined the company. Little will help BIO-CAT evaluate business opportunities and conduct feasibility analysis for new projects. In his role as business analyst, he will collaborate with sales and technology to identify new marketing strategies for emerging markets. Little is a recent graduate […]

BIO-CAT Patents Microbial Enzyme Blend for Pancreatic Insufficiency Patients

(Sept 2012)- A microbial enzyme blend from BIO-CAT to aid digestion in patients suffering from pancreatic insufficiency has been granted a U.S. patent (#8,071,089). The enzyme blend, which includes a lipase enzyme, can help improve digestion for pancreatic insufficiency sufferers, including cystic fibrosis patients. According to company CEO Ed Schuler, “Digestion of foods in normal diets […]

BIO-CAT Announces Receipt of Patent for Reducing Serum Triglycerides

Sept 2012- BIO-CAT announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted BIO-CAT a patent for the use of a lipase enzyme to digest dietary fats, resulting in the reduction in levels of triglycerides in the blood stream. BIO-CAT, a Virginia-based biotech company specializing in enzyme applications, received U.S. patent number US 8,268,305 entitled […]

BIO-CAT Unveils Redesigned Websites

BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials, recently unveiled their new responsive designed websites, and The new innovative sites enhance the user’s experience with improved visual aesthetics, usability and functionality across all devices. “We created the sites with the user’s experience in mind,” said Chris Schuler, president and co-founder of BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials. He goes […]

BIO-CAT Awarded Tessa Robinette the 2014 Brian M Huffman Memorial Scholarship

BIO-CAT, the enzyme industry service leader, specializing in custom blending and formulations is pleased to announce that Tessa Robinette is the winner of the 2014 Brian M. Huffman Memorial Scholarship. BIO-CAT established the $5,000 scholarship to honor Brian, who was a co-founder of BIO-CAT, and also served as vice-chairman on the Louisa County School Board. […]

In Remembrance of Brian Huffman

  BIO-CAT mourns the loss of Brian Huffman, co-founder and vice-president of operations of the company. Brian passed away on Tuesday, December 31, 2013. He had worked at BIO-CAT since its inception in 1988. Brian also served as vice chairman of the Louisa County School Board and was reelected to a fourth term as the […]

BIO-CAT Featured in Nutritional Outlook’s “Catalytic Converters: Enzymes for health and beyond”

Nobody would claim that enzyme supplementation is as mainstream as the daily multivitamin just yet, but it’s come a long way. “What’s interesting is that when you look back at how many enzymes were in use in supplements in, say, 1980, it was about five or six,” recalls Chris Penet, vice president of BIO-CAT. “Today, […]

Rob Beckerich Retires from BIO-CAT

BIO-CAT announces the retirement of Mr. Robert Beckerich. Rob retired in July 2013 after 9 years of service with BIO-CAT. Robert came to us after 27 years of service in the business world. He started in basic and applied research in the following areas: customer service, technical sales, sales development, new business development, marketing and […]

BIO-CAT Appoints Marc Jensen as Senior Technical Sales Representative

BIO-CAT, the enzyme industry service leader, recently appointed Marc Jensen as Senior Technical Sales Representative.  Marc will be responsible for initiating and developing relationships with customers and prospects for both businesses, BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials.  He will be focusing on enzyme and microbial applications in animal nutrition, agriculture and food production.. I’m excited to join […]

BIO-CAT Microbials Names Dr. Jessica Spears as Research Scientist

BIO-CAT Microbials, a market leader in the production of microbial products, announced that Dr. Jessica Spears has joined the company as the new Research Scientist. Her main focus will be optimizing the sporulation of all BCM’s Bacillus production cultures.  In addition, she will be responsible for research, applications, and development of improved microbial methodologies. “Dr. Spears […]

BIO-CAT announces Julia Parker as new Regulatory Affairs Associate

June 2013- BIO-CAT, the enzyme industry service leader, recently expanded their team with the addition of Julia Parker as the Regulatory Affairs Associate.  Julia will be responsible for all aspects of BIO-CAT and BIO-CAT Microbials regulatory issues as they pertain to our products. She comes to BIO-CAT from Perrigo Nutritional, a large manufacturer of store […]