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We partner with companies addressing all kinds of challenges, from improving the health of individuals one by one to transforming agricultural processes that impact millions. Whatever the scale or scope of your project, we can work with you to identify or develop the right enzyme product to achieve your desired outcome.

Explore Our Enzymes and Enzyme Blends

Find the right enzyme or enzyme blend within our product categories, or contact us to uncover other possibilities together.

Dietary Supplements

Find systemic or digestive enzymes for tablets, capsules or other supplements.

Food and Beverage

Improve food production or processing through enzymes.

Brewing & Distilling

Identify the right enzyme or blend for producing beer, spirits and other beverages.

Animal Nutrition

Use feed more efficiently and reduce waste by incorporating enzymes.


Leverage the science of enzymes to continuously improve production.


Find the right enzyme or blend to efficiently break down just about any material.

Explore Our Probiotics and Microbials

Get the best results in human, animal and industrial applications by supporting the growth of appropriate bacteria.

Probiotics for Humans

Harness the power of bacillus as a natural solution to all kinds of challenges

Direct Fed Microbials for Production Animals

A broad range of naturally occurring products to support the health of cattle, pigs and poultry

Probiotics for Companion Animals

Enhance digestion of highly processed modern pet foods for better gastrointestinal health


Improve soil conditions to optimize nutrient uptake


Biological solutions to improve nutrition, reduce waste build-up and better balance the water supply


Stimulate growth of microorganisms to treat contaminated water, soil and subsurface material

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