"Over the years, BIO-CAT has had the good fortune to hire excellent people to run our operation."

- Ed Schuler, CEO and Founder


Our products help supplement the animals’ natural enzymes, promote the growth of healthy animals and increase digestion and utilization of nutrients. Learn More

Our specially formulated enzymes for cleaning products effectively break down organic based stains without the use of harsh chemicals. Learn More

Our enzymes efficiently catalyze specific reactions under gentle conditions to not damage the flavor or textual characteristics of food. Learn More

Our enzymes increase system efficiency, reduce foul odors, improve water clarity and accelerate degradation. Learn More

Our enzymes benefit fish and shrimp populations by increasing the availability and absorption of nutrients, and proliferating fish growth rates. Learn More

Our enzymes increase the absorption of nutrients and minerals and assist in the digestion of foods that supply energy to our bodies. Learn More

Our enzymes provide a natural method to eliminate costly backups and buildups in tanks and pipes and remove foul drain and septic odors. Learn More

BIO-CAT offers a broad array of enzymes for a wide variety of applications. Learn More