"Over the years, BIO-CAT has had the good fortune to hire excellent people to run our operation."

- Ed Schuler, CEO and Founder

Food, Beverage & Ingredients

Enzymes play a very important part in processing many food/beverage products as well as ingredients used in food and beverage products.  The reasons enzymes are utilized is that they are very effective in efficiently catalyzing needed, highly specific reactions under gentle conditions that do not damage the  important flavor and textural characteristics of the food.   This contrasts with harsh chemical and high heat treatments that might otherwise be required.  Also the use of enzymes generally allows the process and products produced to be all-natural as far as label claims.

Protein Processing

Protein processing is a broad category encompassing several important enzyme applications from modifying the properties of high protein ingredients to improving their flavor profiles to increasing their purity and ease of processing.  This is also an evolving field where some of our enzyme applications research is providing new and exciting improvements to the high protein ingredient category.


The baking industry utilizes our specialized amylases and proteases for several different desired ends such as improved machinability of dough, softer breads, improved shelf life, etc.


Cheese production and brewing have always been enzymatically driven processes. Enzymes are responsible for coagulating the milk and they also help produce the characteristic cheese flavors  during the ripening process.  Cheese flavors of various types, used as added flavors in foods, can also be rapidly produced from milk components using various combinations of our broad line of lipases and proteases.


In Brewing applications endogenous enzymes in the malted barley convert starch to fermentable sugars, which are utilized to produce alcohol.  Our enzymes are utilized to improve this starch conversion especially when lite beers are produced, and our enzymes can be used to remove “chill haze”, help with adjunct brewing, and improve filtration.

Wine & Fruit Juice

For the wine and fruit juice industries our enzymes are used to increase juice yield, remove insoluble materials, and promote easier filtration, as well as reduce waste pulp and its associated costs and environmental problems.

BIO-CAT enzymes are also used in a broad array of other food applications including fruit products, sugar processing, agave processing for tequila, egg processing, production of low lactose milk and dairy products, improved digestibility bean and legumes, etc.

BIO-CAT is a Food/Dietary Supplement GMP Facility.  We specialize in non GMO organism produced enzymes.  Also, one of the most attractive features for our customers is that we will custom blend the exact combinations of enzymes needed for their specific needs.  In many ways the use of enzymes in the food industry, although well established in some areas, is still in a highly developing state and it is our goal to develop and provide the next generation enzyme solutions to our customers.

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