BIO-CAT R&D Lab Manager Talks Enzymes to INSIDER

Kelly Tinker Gregory, BIO-CATs R&D lab manager was quoted in INSIDER magazine’s article on “Animal Nutrition Leaps Into Consumers’ Priorities by Alyssa Tufts. As more and more consumer’s pets become part of the family, the demand for quality pet food is on the rise. Consumers’ expect the same quality of nutrition for their furry friends as they do for their own consumption.

“Many pet foods contain protein mostly from soy and corn,” Tinker Gregory said. “Since the digestive systems of dogs and cats are not designed to digest those ingredients, it can put added strain on them.  The high grain content of many pet foods can contribute to the growing obesity and allergy problems in pets. Those situations may be avoided with use of enzymes in pet foods or added as supplements.”

Enzymes improve the breakdown of food; thereby, improving the release of nutrients. “Proteases hydrolyze the less digestible proteins in animal feeds and break them down into more usable peptides.  It can improve skin and coat, boost energy levels and promote a healthy weight”, said Tinker Gregory. To read the entire article, click here.