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Companion Animals

Modern pet foods are highly processed and cooked, which destroys naturally occurring enzymes in raw food. Enzymes are used in ingredient processing and flavor development. Enzymes can also be applied directly to the food as a safe and effective way to enhance the digestion and nutritional value of most pet foods. Additionally, probiotic strains provide health benefits to companion animals similar to those they provide their owners, supporting gastrointestinal and digestive health.

Custom Solutions

animal feed pellets

Our Innovation Team offers collaboration and confidentiality. Explore our full enzyme portfolio to customize a companion animal solution to meet your needs.

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Fresh uncooked corn on the cob

Cellulase breaks down cellulose, the main structural component of plant cell walls and vegetable fiber which are major components of most companion animal feed. Ask about our OPTI-FEED™ CelluMax.

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Proteases have been shown to break down plant proteins into muscle/meat building amino acids to promote animal growth and health. Ask about our OPTI-FEED™ ProtoMax.

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various rice kernels

Xylanases are shown to break down antinutritional nondigestible polysaccharides (NPC) that are present in most companion animal feed mixes. Ask about our OPTI-FEED™ XylaMax.

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Beta Glucanase

pea pods

Beta glucanase degrades complex sugars found in grains and vegetables. Ask about our OPTI-FEED™ GlucaMax.

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black beans in a wooden spoon

Phytase releases certain minerals, such as phosphate and zinc, from phytate commonly found in soy and grains. Ask about our OPTI-FEED™ PhytaMax.

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Concentrated, high activity alpha galactosidase for processing feed ingredients, such as soy, to enhance available sugars and reduce undigested feed waste. Ask us about our OPTI-FEED™ AG-CONC.

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Concentrated acid stable protease for custom formulation of feed additives or ingredient processing aid requiring activity at low pH. Ask us about our OPTI-FEED™ AP-CONC.

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Potatoes and rice, uncooked

Concentrated xylanase for custom formulated feed additives or ingredient processing aid. Xylanase breaks down antinutritional nondigestible polysaccharides (NPC) that are present in most companion animal feed mixes. Ask us about our OPTI-FEED™ XY-CONC.

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