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Production Animal Enzyme Solutions

Our Complete Range of

Feed Enzymes and Probiotics

for Better Animal Health

Livestock and Poultry

Animal feed represents more than 60% of the total costs in livestock and poultry production. Since the 1920s, enzymes have been used to help lower production costs, enhance the nutrient value of feedstuffs and improve feed conversion rates (FCR). In parallel, direct fed microbials (DFM’s) are used to support healthy livestock and poultry and reduce general antibiotic usage

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Custom Solutions

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Our Innovation Team offers collaboration and confidentiality. Explore our full enzyme portfolio and our proprietary Bacillus strain library to customize a production animal solution to meet your needs.


cows eating hay

Cellulase breaks down cellulose, the main structural component of plant cell walls and vegetable fiber which are major components of most animal feed and silage. Ask about our OPTIFEED® CelluMax.


pigs at sunset

Proteases have been shown to break down plant proteins into muscle/meat building amino acids to promote animal growth and health. Ask about our OPTIFEED® ProtoMax.


Xylanases are shown to break down antinutritional nondigestible polysaccharides (NPC) that are present in most animal feed mixes and silage. Ask about our OPTIFEED® XylaMax.


man holding a chicken in an industrial plant surrounded by other chickens

Beta glucanase degrades complex sugars found in grains and vegetables. Ask about our OPTIFEED® GlucaMax.


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A custom blend of protease, amylase and xylanase formulated to reduce feed costs by degrading proteins, sugars and anti-nutritional factors in feed ingredients. Ask about our OPTIFEED® ComboMax.

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Large blending capacity, production and packaging

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Every product rigidly tested in our in-house lab

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