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May 2022

Congratulations to the BIO-CAT R&D Team for successfully elevating the validation and substantiation of enzyme performance utilizing in vitro studies. Please view the PR Newswire press release here!

BIO-CAT studied the use of enzymes to improve digestion in an in vitro model of aging. The results showed that a multi-component supplemental enzyme blend (microbial proteases, lipase, amylase, and glucoamylase) effectively released nutrients from a balanced meal better than control conditions, which solely relied upon endogenous enzymes similar to those already present in the human digestive system. Particularly impressive was the enhanced digestion during the acidic gastric phase, further confirming that the microbial enzymes are naturally acid-tolerant without encapsulation. The peer-reviewed manuscript describing these results is now published in the food science journal, Food Chemistry.

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